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Top Notch is committed to improving existing homes and creating new homes that use less energy, and provide safety and comfort to last a lifetime.

Energy efficiency features might not seem as important or exciting as selecting a design element, but they really are just as important if not more so! And they are an investment that pays you back in so many ways! So even though you won't see your tightly sealed attic or intrictate duct work on a daily basis, take the time to learn how these systems impact your home's performance and see if they are set up and operating correctly.

Top Notch has the training and experience to analyze, design, and improve residential and commercial structures so you can live and work comfortably. We work with home owners, building owners, builders, and architects.

Did you know that by implementing energy efficiency measures you will also be improving a building’s comfort, indoor air quality, and durability? And you'll be saving money and reducing carbon gas emmissions!

You can save up to 30% on annual utility costs by implementing energy efficiency improvements

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Our technicians are available day or night to provide you with timely, high quality solutions.

Top Notch Heating and Cooling has been a trusted choice for Energy related solutions. Our top-rated products, professional technicians, and superior customer service have made us a trusted HVAC and Energy service contractor.